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Dentures are detachable dental prosthetics for replacing missing teeth as a result of gum disease, tooth decay or injury.

They can help to restore your smile if you have lost any or all of your natural teeth.

What are the different types of dentures?

The two most common types of dentures are complete dentures and partial dentures.

A complete denture includes a full arch of prosthetic teeth seated on an acrylic base. They are designed to mimic the form of gum tissue and is suitable for people who have lost almost all their natural teeth from one or both arches.

Complete dentures attach directly to your gums using suction force. Most patients also use a special adhesive to secure their dentures.

A partial denture involves the replacement of one or more teeth, using prosthetic teeth affixed onto a gum-coloured plate, which can benefit patients missing just a tooth, or have lost a single tooth or several individual teeth in various locations.

Partial dentures incorporate a clasp attachment that clips on to a few of your natural teeth, securing the denture in place.

Will my dentures feel normal?

In the initial few weeks of wearing your new dentures, you may notice that your mouth feels a little strange.

This is a perfectly normal feeling, as your gums take time to get used to the new addition in your mouth. Therefore, activities such as speaking and eating food will feel awkward at first.

Should you experience any intense discomfort, tightness, or tenderness, consult your dentist. Your dentures shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear, even for long durations.

How long do dentures last?

Due to normal wear and tear your dentist may have to remake your dentures or reline or rebase the appliance. Dentures need replacing every 5-8 years. Rebasing only requires remaking the gum portion while keeping the prosthetic teeth.

Your dentist may also need to remake your dentures as you age because your gums change shape.

To find out if dentures are a good option for you and to discuss your options for missing teeth replacement, call East Barnet Village Dental Practice on 020 8441 4213 to book your consultation.

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